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Leatherwork new adventure

I decided 3 months ago to invest in learning leatherwork and make my own small leather shop. When I took the decision after reading few books and watching some online videos. I thought how hard can it be?

I didn’t know how hard the process to setup the shop and how expensive it is for a newbie. I found few necessary tools to get started, rotary cutter, chisel, edge beveler, a mallet, thread and needle. What else I’ll need easy peasy.

I went to Tandy leather and I got them, and I forgot that I’ll need the leather, and it was quite shocking when I heard the prices they have for the leather. Plus I didn’t know the difference between chrome tan leather and vegetable tan leather and the tremendous difference between both.

The difference between chrome and veg is like the difference between the sun and moon. You can’t land on sun with the same gear you went to the moon with. Plus they both have different ways to approach them and applications seems to get different quality finish.

I remember that I got about 20 tool when I first started, and I thought that I was so ready, I didn’t yield to the quality of tool and the nature of material that I will use it on. But it was time to find my self spot to get started. Luckily I had couple of foldable benches. I used one of them to build the tools above them and use it as my working area.

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