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Programming Zero Before Learning Java

What is going on?

I decided to create daily programming tutorials, it will not be an easy task, since I am full time student and have a semi life. But it will be interesting to introduce the new concepts I learn everyday with a simple easy analogy.

What makes it interesting?

I am not the best educator, or instructor. Also I am not the best student, I could take twice as long other students to understand any material, but the best way for me to make the material sticks in my head is to visualize different analogies that made programming so much easier for me.

What is the tutorial will going to cover?

The course will cover Java 8 and possibly Java 9 if needed. Right now I am near the end of intermediate level in programming, soon I\’ll start advanced level. But the course will start with basic principles, learn new concepts I learnt when I first started and accumulate until I ran out of stuff.

How it will be organized?

I am not sure yet, if you are someone following me recently then my answer is that I am not sure. Maybe later I\’ll update this portion to reflect how I\’ll shape the course later.’, ‘Programming Zero Before Learning Java’,

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