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Programming Zero Before Learning Java Part III

Computer Inputs and Output

I mentioned before that computers are like teaching kids, to explain why I said that, we need to relate to a simple analogies. Think of how we interpret the world around us, we use our senses like hearing by our ears, seeing with our eyes, touching with our skin..etc. Computers uses input tools to sense as well, inputs for computers could be keyboard, camera, microphone, game controllers, touch screen, scanners ..etc. I guess you may now know what are the outputs, like our mouth, we have monitors, projectors, printers, speakers.. etc

Computer Intelligence

You may learnt all of that since your early childhood but we have to include the factor how we grow up, or specifically how we build our intelligence. Since our brain organ can process information, save it in our memory. Computers may don\’t have it all in one organ but they have a chip called processor CPU, which process information. Also computers have memories, short term memory like RAM and storage like Hard drives, USB Drive, etc.

Computer Process

When our computers start reading our codes, the processor reads the code like we read books, you start reading from left to right then line by line, sometimes the author will tell you to jump to specific page to understand something, what you do you pause reading from your current page then jump into the new page with the specific title the author mentioned, once you finish reading you return back to continue reading the page you left.

Lets say you are reading a meditating book, that author may tell you in order to feel relaxed repeat those words and keep repeating until you feel relaxed or maybe for a count of times or maybe for some other condition he may set. Those analogies are important to understand how to write good program, and understand programming in general because most of language out there work the same way.

We will discuss how information moves between the processor and memory and the code you write. This might be the core and one of the toughest things to get your mind around it for a beginner programmer, but once you do you will always have a good understanding with how computer works.

Imagine your brain is like a tree and the leaves are the memory, and each leaf has a number written on it, so if your eyes saw something interesting, the brain will find an empty leaf write what your eyes saw there and then if the brain needs to remember what was there simply your brain knows the number then goes there to find the information communicate with it and so on.

Simply processors are like our brains and computer memory are like the leaves, they have numbers for each block (leaf) and the processor stores the content it receives there, maybe communicate with it, store it, change it and so on.

Keep in mind I am intentionally not focusing on how to write code now because those concepts are important in how to develop our senses, to understand how our machine works and to absorb the language in an easy way that could help you understand software development even if you never seen a code in your life.

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