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Programming Zero Before Learning Java Part II

The way I want to create this course, is to make it fun and understandable for people who never had an idea about programming. Most of books I read or instructors who taught me, they are trying to be more academic and methodical than relating to human mind.

What is programming?

Programming is a craft, even though it is engineering of software, still it is a craft like composing piece of music, writing a poem or a movie, or raising a kid! Yup I said it raising a kid. For who ever continue on will understand why I am saying that.

Programming basically teaching the computer how to do something, and the more stuff you teach, the more it will do. The way we teach computer how to do anything is by writing instructions “codes”, the code we write helps the computer to understand what we want to do, then it will be able to perform those instructions.

For humans we are born with empty knowledge, no prior information to help us understand anything, but thanks to our senses we were able to develop, and learn and grow up. Similarly the computers we use everyday they are the same.

Computers may have senses like us, ways to listen to us, ways to talk to us and can do anything visually we want it to do. We can achieve all of that through programming. Lucky for us we live in a time were great engineers were able to teach computers how to speak and how to understand and how to listen to us, we can communicate with computers like we can with people around us, maybe it has a weird way to understand us but still if you think about it, when you travel any where you hear people using a regional language that you don’t understand, and when you learn how to talk like them, and what are the language rules, you learn how to communicate easily with everyone.

Similarly when you start programming you learn language, and for analogy if you want to speak with Italians you may need to learn italian, the same goes with programming, if you want to develop mobile app you may want to learn Java for android phones or Swift or obj-c for Apple products, C++ or C# for games and so on.\r\n

How many languages are there used by developers?

There are so many maybe hundreds, but a lot of them are unpopular, like English or Spanish or Arabic there are few very popular language around the world. There are ones in programming that are popular too like : C, C++, C#, Obj-c, Java, Perl, Python, Swift, php, Html, JavaScript and so on. But our focus here will be Java for now.

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